History of ICPA Tasmania


In 1984, interested parents on the Tasmanian east coast met for a meeting to form a Glamorgan branch. The first formal meeting was in 1985 and officers were elected. In March 1987, Glamorgan branch delegates attended the NSW State Conference in Wentworth to ascertain the workings of a branch and the Federal Conference in Adelaide later that year. In November 1987 an interim State Council was formed and constitution adopted. The official constitutional Tasmanian State Council was formed in 1989.


After the initial branch formed, the momentum of parents concerned about the educational opportunities and inequities, rapidly progressed and a meeting was organised in the midlands with the view of forming a Bothwell/Oatlands branch, which officially formed in April 1988. They split into two branches in 1991. King Island had a branch for a short time in late 1980s. Members have resided from all over Tasmania including the islands.


• East Coast – formally Glamorgan
• Midlands – formally Central Highlands (Bothwell), Oatlands
• Lone Members